Will Netherlands Defeat Australia or it’s the Other Way Around?

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Australia will play against Netherlands in Porto Alegre, Brazil during the 2014 FIFA World Cup. At exactly 1pm, the two teams will clash and fight for the World Cup next year. This is one of the most anticipated match-ups since Netherlands is a crowd favourite by many football fans. As you can remember, Netherlands reached the finals during the 2010 FIFA World Cup against Spain; however, Spain defeated Netherlands and become the current reigning champion. As a result, Netherlands is as determined as ever before to grab the World Cup. This will truly be an exciting game and can only be fully enjoyed with Netherlands vs Australia tickets.

The Australian team is spearheaded by their star player Tim Cahill and newly elected Coach Ange Postecoglou. Though their record is staggered with ups and downs, Australia still has the qualities of a FIFA World Cup Champion. Next year will be the fourth World Cup appearance of Australia in all its history.

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The Netherlands can be in tough spot as its first game would be against Spain. They should try to at least get one point against Spain and get more points against other teams within Group B. However, this can be very difficult considering that Group B is filled with other powerhouse team, namely, Australia and Chile. Netherlands should expect to have a tough game against Australia because of the key players of their opponents.

Netherlands vs AustraliaIt is worth noting as well that Netherlands never had the chance to beat Australia during their previous match up. Nevertheless, Australia should not let their guard down as we cannot deny the fact that Netherlands is almost at par with Germany, aside from the fact as well that they are the 2010 FIFA World Cup runner up.

There is much to say about the match-up between Netherlands and Australia and it is through Australia vs Netherlands tickets you will enjoy the game at its fullest.