Will Ivory Coast live up to the Expectation and Beat Japan?

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The exciting match-up between Japan and Ivory Coast will take place in Arena Pernambuco, Recife, Brazil. The game will commence at 10:00 pm, June 14, 2014. For so many fans, this is an irresistible game that you should not miss. This is the main reason you should be looking for Japan vs Ivory Coast tickets today.

So what should we expect from this game? A lot of expectations that are made and it is predicted that Ivory Coast will win the game. However, one should not forget that Japan is the leading football country Asia and they will surely give Ivory Coast a taste of Asian football.

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The Ivory Coast had a great qualifying start by winning four out of six matches. For next year, the Ivorians will have their third consecutive appearance in the World Cup. Though the battle was tough, especially against their age-long rival, Morocco, Ivory Coast still managed to get through the qualifying season. Looking back, Ivory Coast had a tough start in FIFA World Cup as they were group with strong opponents such as Netherlands, Argentina, Brazil and Portugal. They usually finished third in the first round.

JapanvsIvoryCoastLast FIFA tournament in South Africa, Japan made an impressive record and a surprising appearance as well. The change in their coaching staff has seen rough transition as they try to fit in with their new Italian coach. They were defeated by Korea and Uzbekistan, but eventually managed to sustain their winning streak later to qualify for 2014 FIFA World Cup.

When you try to compare the statistics between Ivory Coast and Japan, the numbers seem to suggest that Ivory Coast will win the game. If Ivory Coast can make a great start in the first minutes and sustain their energy, they will surely beat Japan. But then again, Japan is a transformed team with new improvements in their line-up. Don’t miss this game and buy your Ivory Coast vs Japan tickets today.