Who will win the Game between Argentina versus Iran?

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Will Iran has a chance to win against a stronger opponent Argentina? This is a question that has been brewing in the minds of football fans and analyst. Most people are now buying Argentina vs Iran tickets to secure a seat on this most anticipated match up.

The game between Argentina and Iran will take place in Estadio Mineirao, Belo Horizonte, Brazil on June 21, 1:00 pm. While it is true that Argentina is a stronger team with lots of experiences and titles, they need not to underestimate Iran. The game of football has changed. It is not a game that you can predict. There are many instances when a team is being seen as weaker and yet, comes out strong after the game. The match between Argentina and Iran will have its own way on deciding the game between the two.

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After the 2011 Copa America, there had been a change in the coaching staff of Argentina. Alejandro Sabella gave Argentina a good start during their first qualifying match against Chile, 4-1. However, the following games are not as pretty as expected. Thankfully, the team made a great comeback to win against Colombia in a 2-1 score. The Argentinean team later finished with an impressive 14-1 run to secure a spot in FIFA World Cup.

Argentina vs. IranOn the other end, Iran had an impressive undefeated run in their qualifying games as they secure World Cup spot next year. However, they met problems against Qatar, Lebanon, and Korea as they try to dominate the Asian Confederation.

Will all these being said, it is really difficult to see who which team will win. Will it be the highly favored Argentina or the late blooming Iran? There is really no way to be sure. Only the match will decide and when it does, make sure you are there with the help of Iran vs Argentina tickets.