Who will Win the Battle between Switzerland and France during 2014 FIFA World Cup?

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The 25th game in 2014 FIFA World Cup would be played between Switzerland and France, a rivalry that has long been brewing in the European region. The game will happen in Arena Fonte Nova, Salvador, on June 15, 4:00 pm. The game is one of the most anticipated match-up because the two teams are among the best teams in the league. Even Switzerland vs France tickets are quickly running out because of the popularity of these two teams.

Within Group E, the most promising teams are Switzerland and France. While Switzerland finished their qualifying games on top, they should never be complacent when taking on a strong team like France. They key here is consistency. The team who will control the game early on and sustain their control for the rest of the game will win the contest. It should be noted that France is known for its solid and strong defense while Switzerland is stronger on offense. Thus, the result of the game will be very difficult to predict.

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Switzerland has impressive records of its own. It has reach the quarter finals of World Cup thrice but wasn’t able to break through. During the 1924 Olympics, they won second and earned silver medals. On the other hand, France has already won one FIFA World Cup title and won two titles in UEFA European Football Championships. Other accomplishments of France include winning an Olympic gold medal, two titles in FIFA Confederations Cups, and the 2001 Confederation Cup.

With all these being said, it is not difficult to see how this match will attract thousands of people. France and Switzerland will have to do their best in this game and hopefully gain more points with their other matches against Honduras and Ecuador. Purchase France vs Switzerland tickets today to watch the game live.