Who do you Think will win, Croatia or Mexico?

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In the first stage of 2014 FIFA World Cup, one June 23, 5pm, Croatia will face Mexico in an arduous match to be held in Recife stadium, Brazil. Croatia and Mexico are two of the 32 teams who will be competing for world football supremacy that will be happen from June 12 to July 13, 2014 with Brazil, serving as the host. Indeed, fans are really excited for the match that even now, Croatia vs Mexico tickets are almost sold out.

When you look at the history of FIFA World Cup, it is almost certain that a South American team will ultimately win the championship. However, all these changed during the 2010 World Final where it was Spain and Netherlands, both European countries, faced for the championship.

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With this match-up, it is predicted that Mexico is a more superior team compared to Croatia that almost called heaven and earth just to be qualified for the tournament. As this might be the case, we cannot take away the fact that they faced strong and solid football teams in their region including Iceland.

CROATIA'S ZIVKOVIC BRINGS DOWN MEXICO'S BLANCO DURING THEIR WORLD CUP FINALS MATCH IN NIIGATAOn the other hand, Mexico seems to have their issues as well. The Olympic triumph of Mexico against Brazil was certainly a magnificent feat. People thought that Mexico will win the championship almost without struggle. Though they won the Olympics, they almost lost to an underdog team. In addition to this, the team just won two out of ten qualifying matches.

Certainly, Croatia is up against a strong opponent, but the team is still very persistent to come up stronger. Mexico might be the more favoured team, but they should never let their guard down as Croatia is a team full of surprises.

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