Watch the Most Exciting FIFA World Cup Match between England and Italy

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There are a lot of matches that you need to watch out for in FIFA World Cup next year. One of these exciting games would be played by England and Italy, two of the biggest European football games. It will be the 8th match during 2014 FIFA World Cup to be held on June 14, 7:00 am, in Arena Amazonia, Manaus. The game is predicted to be a grueling fight as both teams have an even chance of winning. Italy vs England tickets are running out fast because of the hype surrounding the match.

It is worth noting that Italy is known as the UEFA EURO 2012 runner up. Thus, it seems that Italy has the upper hand in this game. Nonetheless, England made an impressive qualifying round as they reach 2014 FIFA World Cup without a scratch and winning all their qualifying matches. The players you need to note from Italy would be Mario Balotelli, Giuseppe Rossi, and Claudio Marchisio. On the England’s side, Wayne Rooney and Daniel Sturridge would surely make the game more interesting.

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England has finally secured their spot in the World Cup next year after defeating Poland, the same team that defeated them in the 1974 tournament. Even though England was not defeated during their qualifying games, it is still a difficult campaign since World Cup spots are not earned through wins, but by points. Thus, when Steven Gerrard made a goal against Poland, he just won a ticket for his team to Brazil next year.

England vs ItalyThe FIFA ranking of Italy is higher compared to England. It is ranked in 7 by FIFA while 11 by Elo. Italy has the second best record in FIFA history, just behind Brazil who won 5 titles while Italy won 4. With this in mind, it seems that Italy will win the battle. England will surely have a difficult game ahead of team as they start the World Cup. Catch this very exciting game live with your England vs Italy tickets.