Tips and Guides to Remember When Buying 2014 FIFA World Cup

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The biggest event in football is now set to happen from June 12 to July 13, 2014. Next year, Brazil, also the most successful team in the tournament’s history, will host the most awaited event. The 2014 FIFA World Cup is participated by 32 teams from around the world and composed of only elite and most popular names in football.

If you are a football fan, I am sure that you are too excited for the games to start. However, witnessing the games live will be the best way to enjoy and experience FIFA. This is the main reason that you should acquire tickets to fully get into the games.

However, before diving into the ticketing world, you must remember some important points when buying tickets. If you are not careful, you will surely regret your choice and therefore, just waste your hard-earned money.

Here is a quick guide you should remember when buying 2014 FIFA World Cup tickets.


There are a lot of vendors that sell tickets. It will be tough to go through each of these vendors and find the best deals. In addition to this, some vendors might sell tickets more than its real price, while others sell you cheap tickets and only to find out these tickets are fake. There are also people who will buy many tickets during the selling period, then sell it in higher price for people who really want to watch and yet, were not able to secure a ticket.

To make sure that you are buying genuine and properly priced tickets, go to the official website of FIFA World Cup. They have a list of websites or vendors that are authorized to sell tickets.


The price of each ticket varies according to the type of game you are going to watch. The price also rises and fall depending upon the location of the seat. Obviously, the seat nearest to the arena is more expensive compared to the seats away from the arena.

Another factor that may affect the price of the ticket is the venue. There are more than 10 venues where games might be played. The match type also affects the price. For example, the opening game, Brazil versus Croatia is more expensive because of the different ceremonies that come with it. Even the final match will surely have higher price since it is the highlight of the tournament.

Match to watch

Needless to say, watching all of the games can easily drain your pocket. Unless you have all the money to burn, it will be a big financial burden to watch every game; especially if you are a foreigner and need to spend more money for travel cost.

This is the main reason that you should be selective to which match to watch. You can watch games on TV and only buy a ticket for a team you want to support. Budget your money as well and see how you can distribute your resources to watch as much games as possible.

These are the three most important guides you need to remember when buying FIFA World Cup tickets. I am sure with smart budgeting and planning, you will be able to enjoy the tournament at its fullest.