The Rivalry Lives on: Italy versus Uruguay

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Italy and Uruguay will have their final match as part of the Group D of FIFA World Cup next year on June 24, 1:00 pm in Arena Das Dunas, Natal. It is a difficult match up to gauge as both teams are top football teams in their region and in the entire world. Since Italy and Uruguay are ranked by FIFA and Elo favorably, it is predicted that the match will have a big audience. As a matter of fact, Italy vs Uruguay tickets are almost sold as you are reading this.

It is worth noting that Italy and Uruguay recently faced each other during the FIFA Confederation Cup Brazil 2013. In that match, Italy won after a series of penalty kicks. They met in the city of Natal and it will still be the place where their coming match will happen. Since the game will be the second to the last match in Group D, it will become a very vital event for each of these teams.

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There is no doubt that Italy has the upper hand in this game. Remember, Italy is the second team behind Brazil when it comes to the number of World Cups earned. Italy also has one of the neatest records in the history of FIFA World Cup. The line-up of the team is now different compared to the line-up they had during the 2006 FIFA World Cup. That factor may have a drastic effect on the team’s performance.

Italy vs UruguayConversely, Uruguay has plenty to boost about as well. They have many accomplishments, but most of these accomplishments took place decades ago. Most Uruguay fans are now hoping that the World Cup next year will allow Uruguay to recapture its glorious days. If you want to watch this game live, purchase Uruguay vs Italy tickets today.