The Exciting Opening Game in Group G: Portugal versus Germany

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The opening match in Group G will be opened by two of the toughest and strongest team in football; Germany and Portugal. With Germany as the number two in FIFA ranking and Portugal to be in the fifth spot, there is no doubt in people’s mind that this match will surely be very exciting. People flock together as they try to buy Germany vs Portugal tickets.

Germany is a heavy-weight team and the Group G bracket is rocked by their presence. However, it would be fair to say that USA, Portugal, and Ghana have a good chance of winning as well. In fact, it will be difficult to predict which of these teams will head to the Round of 16.

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Before Germany made it to the World Cup, they have flawless and unbeaten record. They won nine victories and one draw from their 10 qualifying games. It is worth noting as well that Germany has the third most successful record in FIFA World Cup. They had won World Cup title thrice already just behind Italy (four titles) and Brazil (five titles). Germany really wants to grab the World title in 2014 FIFA World Cup, then they need to strengthen their defense and play which are obviously weak when they fought with Sweden with a 4-4 draw.

Soccer Euro 2012 Germany PortugalWhen you look at Portugal, you would conclude that Germany is up against an unpredictably strong opponent. Portugal’s Cristiano Ronaldo is really determined to bring the team on the top of the tournament. One can recount how Ronaldo scored 4 goals for his team during their game against Sweden that finally sealed their spot in World Cup next year.

With these in mind, you need to realize that this game will be watched by millions of fans. Thus, you need to buy your Portugal vs Germany tickets as soon as possible.