The Exciting Match between Columbia and Greece

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Though 2014 FIFA World Cup is still many months ahead of us, there is no doubt that fans are very excited for this much-awaited event! One of the most thrilling games will happen between Colombia and Greece as they are the first team to play in the Group C division. The game will be held in Estadio Mineirao, Belo Horizonte, Brazil, at exactly 1:00 pm, June 14, 2014. Check out some Colombia vs Greece tickets availability today to catch the game live.

The Colombia team recently had a change in coaching staff and Jose Nestor Pekerman took the Head Coach office for the team. During the qualifying season, Colombia made a great start adding four points on their record until finally defeated by Argentina in their own home court. However, after the loss, Colombia immediately made a comeback to seal their position in FIFA World Cup next year by winning their next six games. Looking at the history of Columbia, they have a bad record when it comes to the World Cup. Most of their appearances only went as far as the first round. However, for next year, Columbia is resolved to make it to the finals.

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On the other hand, Greece also had a great qualifying campaign by earning a total of 25 points from the ten games they have played. Through the effort of their key player, Konstantinos Mitroglu, Greece sealed a spot for them in the Brazilian World Cup. It is worth noting as well that Greece is the UEFA EURO 2004 champion which they tried to consistently live up with until today.

The battle between Columbia and Greece will surely be the best. While we cannot certainly predict who will win the game, we can always buy Greece vs Columbia tickets to fully enjoy the match.