The Exciting Game between Uruguay and England

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Playing for the 24th match during the 2014 FIFA World Cup will be Uruguay and England. The exciting game will take place on June 19, 4:00 pm, at Arena de Sao Paulo. It is a match-up that had been brewing since the last time these two teams met. Do not miss this important game that may change the course of the whole FIFA world Cup. Grab your Uruguay vs England tickets today!

Looking back, during the 1954 World Cup, Uruguay and England met for the first time. Uruguay won the match with 4-2 deciding point. Next year, they will be reminiscing this game as they will play in the same city where the match actually took place. Uruguay might be eyeing for the championship this year, but they will be challenged early on by Europe’s tough football team, England.

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The La celeste Uruguay team just won the 2011 Copa America and is still fresh with more zeal and passion for the game. They have won FIFA World Cup twice in their history which includes the 1930 World Cup. They won again in 1950 beating Brazil in their home town. The game between Uruguay and Brazil has the highest number of attendance in the history of FIFA World Cup.

The Three Lions England football team won their first FIFA World Cup in 1966 as they hosted the World Cup. They defeated Germany during the finals. When it comes to UEFA European Football Championship, the team never had the chance to grab the championship though they had been part of the semi-finals multiple times.

The game between Uruguay versus England can be very difficult to predict. But if you look at the statistics, Uruguay seems to have the advantage. As this might be the case, England will have its own surprises at hand. Watch this game live with England vs Uruguay tickets now.