Some Smart Predictions on the Match between Chile and Spain

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Spain, the current FIFA World Cup champion will face Chile during the 19th match of 2014 FIFA World Cup. The match will be held in Rio De Janeiro Stadium, the heart of Brazilian football. The game will start on 7pm, June 18, 2014. To make sure you do not miss this game, grab your Spain vs Chile tickets today.

The group B of 2014 FIFA World Cup is almost reminiscent of the 2010 tournament held in South Africa. Spain and Chile already met in 2010 in the first round of the tournament. In that game, the Spaniards defeated Chile. Some predictions say that the result may be different next year as Chile is now an improved team compared to how they look like 4 years ago.

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Chile finished third in their qualifying matches for FIFA. Now that they earned a spot, they will have to face the reigning champion as early as the first leg of the tournament. However, Chile is more than ready and confident with their star players Arturo Vidal and Alexis Sanchez.

Chile's midfielder Arturo Vidal (L) viesSpain is not giving any chances for their opponent. With a powerhouse line-up, they will take on Chile with all their might. Spain played against Chile many times before and this can be an advantage or disadvantage to them as the element of familiarity sets in.

Yes, it is undeniable that Spain is the champion for last year’s FIFA World Cup, but it is undeniable as well that Chile has already earned 6 FIFA World Cup championships. Last year, Chile exited the tournament as they faced defeat in the hands of Brazil. With this, Chile is more than motivated to get to the finals and win another World Cup.

No matter how experts analyze this game, it is certain that only the real game will settle the score. Will it be Spain or Chile? Find out by buying Chile vs Spain tickets now.