Honduras Versus Switzerland: The Game for Redemption

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On June 25, 2014, 5:00 pm, Honduras will face one of its biggest obstacles in World Cup within its bracket, Switzerland. While most people predict that Switzerland will defeat Honduras, it is worth noting that Honduras is a changed team. It is not the same team that has played in South Africa where they did not even passed their bracket to reach Round of 16. However, next year will be the best opportunity for Honduras to redeem their glory and they will not give up that easy against Switzerland. Honduras vs Switzerland tickets are now available and make sure you buy one to witness this historic game.

Do you know that Switzerland is the only team that has beaten Spain during the best run of Spain in UEFA EURO tiles and World Cup? But as impressive as they may be, the victory of Switzerland against Spain was not enough for them to win the trophy.

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Switzerland has a great run during their qualifying matches. However, Switzerland has nerve-wrenching games as well. For example was their game against Iceland. They had a great start leading 4-1 in their favor, but they were suddenly chased by Iceland to end the game with 4-4, resulting to draw. Thankfully, they earned enough points from their triumph over Norway and Albania to secure a spot to the World Cup.

Switzerland v Honduras: Group H - 2010 FIFA World CupLooking back, Switzerland and Honduras had previously faced each other during the 2010 FIFA World Cup. However, it was a game full of frustration for both teams. Switzerland played too complacent against Honduras after their victory against Spain in the previous game. Everyone was expecting that the Swiss will come out with more goals to forward them to the finals and yet, the game ended in 0-0 tie score.

Looking forward, Switzerland and Honduras will again face in 2014 FIFA World Cup and it is a chance for them to show the world what they are made of. Be sure to be their when it happens by buying Switzerland vs Honduras tickets.