Group F will come to an end with the Game between Bosnia-Herzegovina and Iran

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The final match within Group F will be played between Bosnia-Herzegovina and Iran. These two teams have an equal chance of winning even though the former will participate in World Cup for the first time. Since the game will be the final match in Group F, it is a crucial game that will enable each team to gain more points for them to reach Round of 16. If you want to watch the game live, buy Bosnia-Herzegovina vs Iran tickets today.

Iran, or better known as Team Melli, is the strongest team in Asia and has rightfully claimed a spot in World Cup. The first qualifying match of Iran was versus Maldives, which ended with a surprising 4-0 win. They again defeated Maldives in the second round. They later defeated Indonesia, draw with Qatar, and win against Bahrain. During their qualifying campaign, their greatest challenge came from Lebanon and Uzbekistan, which brought them on their knees with 1-0 score in both games.

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It is worth noting that Bosnia-Herzegovina is the poorest country in Europe and has a small population of less than four million. Thus, their success in acquiring a spot in World Cup is a jubilant celebration for the country. The road to World Cup was not very easy for Bosnia-Herzegovina. They have to face some of the elite teams in their regions which include Liechtenstein, Latvia, Lithuania, Slovakia, and Greece. However, the team surprised Europe as they collected 8 wins out of 10 games. After this run, Bosnia-Herzegovina succeeded to enter the FIFA World Cup for the first time together with Greece from their Group.

Iran never made it to the Round of 16 during any of their World Cup appearance. Will they succeed to do so next year? Or will Bosnia-Herzegovina will stop them from their trails and get into the Round of 16 instead? Find out now with the help of Iran vs Bosnia-Herzegovina tickets.