FIFA 2014 Trivia You Should Know

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With the FIFA 2014 drawing near, football fans all over the world will gather in this year’s host country, Brazil. I know you might be excited as well. However, there is not much that you can do for now, but to wait for June when the tournament will finally start. At this moment, it will be great to know some general information about FIFA 2014.

There will be 32 teams who will compete for the world title. The hosts will be Brazil. From Europe, the teams will be coming from Belgium, Bosnia, Croatia, England, France, Germany, Greece, Herzegovina, Italy, Netherlands, Portugal, Russia, Spain, and Switzerland. Coming from Africa would be Algeria, Cameroon, Ivory Coast, Ghana, and Nigeria. Iran, Japan, and South Korea will be from Asia. From South America, the countries would include Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, and Uruguay. Other countries would include Australia, Costa Rica, Honduras, Mexico, and United States.

FIFA World Cup only happens once every four years. This was done to give enough time for various teams to improve their lineup and to take advantage of waning teams. However, in this year’s FIFA, only one new team will make its first time appearance in world stage of football and that is Bosnia Herzegovina.

The games of FIFA 2014 will be hosted by Brazil and the games will be played in 12 stadiums. These stadiums are found in various Brazilian countries that include Belo Horizonte, Brasilia, Cuiaba, Curitiba, Fortaleza, Manaus, Natal, Porto Alegre, Recife, Rio de Janeiro, Salvador, and Sao Paolo.

With a large country as Brazil, it will not be a surprise to hear that the country has its temperature differences in various places. For example, Manaus is said to be the hottest place for the game that may peak up to 35 degrees Celsius. On the other hand, Porto Alegre might be the coolest playing field with a temperature below 20 degrees Celsius.