Does Ecuador have a Chance against Switzerland?

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There are a lot of games you need to watch for the next year’s FIFA World Cup. One of these games would be played between Switzerland and Ecuador. The game will start on 1:00 pm, June 15, at Estadio Nacional Mane Garrincha, Brasilia. The battle for supremacy between these two teams is great as more and more fans are buying their own Switzerland vs Ecuador tickets.

Switzerland is deemed to be the best team in Group E as they play the 9th match in 2014 FIFA World Cup. They had great advantage over Ecuador and their qualifying games just prove that. They ended their qualifying games with seven points higher than its closest chaser Iceland.

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Ecuador, along with Hoduras, had a hard time securing a slot for the World Cup as they were defeated by the region’s powerhouse Uruguay. However, Ecuador made a consistent win at home except when they played against Argentina who defeated them.

Next year will be Switzerland’s 10th appearance in World Cup, while Ecuador only had 3 appearances. The best results made by Switzerland were on 1934 where they reached quarterfinals, which were repeated in 1938 and 1954. Ecuador had its best result last 2006 when it qualified until the round of 16.

When you look at the statistics and score cards, Switzerland has the advantage. Ecuador will have to work harder and double time to defeat one of Europe’s best football teama. Switzerland should also maintain their composure to make sure they will control the game. However, all we can do now is to predict as these two teams are really on top of their game. Ecuador can potentially surprise Switzerland with strong attacks coming from their best players Walter Ayovi and Antonia Valencia.

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