Does Costa Rica has any Chance of Winning Against England?

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2014 FIFA World Cup is the prestigious and most anticipated event in the world of football. Since it happens only once every four years, football fans are thrilled to watch the World Cup games. One of the most exciting games during the tournament will be Costa Rica versus England. There are now many Costa Rica vs England tickets available today.

So what can we expect from this game? Undoubtedly, most people agree with each other that England will win this match. Costa Rica is the underdog team, but let us not jump into any conclusion yet. It takes a lot of skills and professionalism to get in to the World Cup and thus, we can be sure that Costa Rica is a worthy opponent.

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When you look back at some of the memorable games of Costa Rica, one of the most unforgettable is their match against Italy in 1990. Most people at that time thought that Costa Rica will not have a chance and yet, they were able to defeat Italy, which at that time, one of the biggest names in world of football.

England will have its 14th appearance in the World Cup next year. They have won the world cup way back in 1966. Since then, the team struggled to have a comeback in the finals. Even in European Championship, they appeared 8 times in the tournament and yet never won any title,; the best they could reach are third finals and semi-finals.

Costa Rica has appeared in the World Cup 4 times and has only got into as far as the Round of 16.

When you look at it, Costa Rica and England have uneven track records. England has the upper hand and Costa Rica needs to work harder if they want to beat England. Therefore, you need to buy England vs Costa Rica tickets to watch the game live.