Chile Versus Netherlands: Who will Dominate this Game?

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One of the most exciting matches during the 2014 FIFA World Cup will be the match between Netherlands and Chile. It will be held in Arena de Sao Paulo, Sau Paulo City, Brazil. At exactly 1:00pm, June 23, 2014, the thrilling game will start. Before that time comes, you should acquire Netherlands vs Chile tickets to make sure you do not miss the game!

The Netherlands team is seen as the most hungry and thirsty for World Cup Championship. They are the only team with the highest number of FIFA World Cup appearances; however, they have not won any championship yet. Netherlands had their closest chance of winning the championship during FIFA World Cup in 1974 (beaten by Germany), 1978 (beaten by Argentina), and 2010 (beaten by Spain).

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Chile had eight World Cup appearances and it has hosted the FIFA World Cup in 1962. However, the greatest record they have in World Cup is only the third place in 1962. Since the time they won against Ecuador, they have been qualified for the FIFA World Cup next year, 2014. The Elo Ratings include Chile national football team as among the top 25 strongest football teams worldwide. While it is true that they have not won a single World Cup, Chile is very consistent when it comes to their performance and sometimes too predictable that they will surely be always included in World Cup tournaments. The team is headed by Alexis Sanchez.

Will it be Netherlands or Chile? This question boggled many sports analysts. It is said that Chile is in different form today compared to what is has been during 2010 FIFA World Cup. They have been a strong team in the region alongside with Brazil. Netherlands has a strong world record and it will definitely live up to its name when playing against Chile. Never miss this exciting game by buying Chile vs Netherlands tickets today.