Cameroon will go against Brazil during 2014 FIFA World Cup

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Brazil has the highest number of titles earned in the history of FIFA World Cup. For next year, it was decided that the prestigious tournament should be held in Brazil as well. With this in mind, Cameroon will have all its hands full as they come face to face with Brazil’s elite line up of football players. The two teams will play against each other on June 23, 2014, 5pm, at Brasilia Stadium. Get your Cameroon vs Brazil tickets today before tickets are sold out.

While it is too early to make predictions, there are many people who are betting their money on Brazil. Last FIFA World Cup, the team was devastated as they fall short of points against Spain, which led to the reigning of Spain as 2010 FIFA World Cup champion.

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However, some people thought of Brazil as a weakened team following some of its defeat during a few years back after 2010 FIFA World Cup. Its first major world appearance is daunted with defeat during 2011 major league. Given with these stats, Cameroon would still have a chance to win against this Brazilian powerhouse.

Cameroon vs BrazilCameroon had a tough time qualifying for 2014 FIFA World Cup. As a matter of fact, they almost lost their chance to be part of the tournament if it wasn’t for the disqualification of Togo after using an ineligible player on the field.

With the many teams in FIFA who can boast of their great players, it is really difficult to predict who will ultimately proceed to the finals and finally win the Cup. The results still remain for us to see as we watch the events unfold before our very eyes.

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