A Simple Analysis of Italy versus Costa Rica Game

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Italy and Costa Rica will head in Brazil to play against each other during the 2014 FIFA World Cup Championship. Their game is scheduled to take place on June 20, 1:00 pm in Arena Pernambuco, Recife. With different predictions made, the game seems to mystify people as who will really win the match. However, more people are leaning towards the possibility that Italy will win the game. Find out the result first hand by grabbing Italy vs Costa Rica tickets today.

While Costa Rica is seen as the underdog in this match, it is worth noting the accomplishments of the team. For one, Costa Rica is one of the most successful teams in the CONCACAF alongside with United States and Mexico. Costa Rica will have its fourth World Cup appearance next year. However, in 2006, Costa Rica has its worst World Cup tournament finishing the second worst team during that time.

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Italy, on the other hand, has a FIFA ranking of 7 and Elo Ranking of 11. When you look at the track records of Italy, you will surely be impressed to their achievements. First they already won 4 World Cup titles, appeared twice in World Cup finals, and grabbed third place and fourth place. They have won the European championship and appeared twice in its finals.

With these being said, it is clear who will win the match. But before making any conclusion, Costa Rica will not give up that easy. It is very important to note that Costa Rica had an impressive qualifying campaign and this can be a proof of the team’s improvement.

The game of football is really unpredictable. Especially in World Cup, these two teams will have an even chance of winning unless one of them will control the pace from finish to last. Buy your Costa Rica vs Italy tickets today to catch the game live.