FIFA World Cup 2014 Tickets

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Say hello to the FIFA 2014 World Cup championship as it finally heads forth to Brazil. Last 2010, was a spectacular event as we have witness it in South Africa. Nevertheless, Brazil is alive and ready to host this upcoming event.

The venues have already been selected and the winners are the capital city, Brasilia, Rio and Sao Paulo. Other event also includes games in Porto Alegre, Curitiba in the South as well as Cuiaba in Central Brazil. For the North eastern part of the country, Salvador, Recife/Olinda and Fortaleza have been chosen. And in the north-eastern part, Recife and Salvador have each got their own new stadiums being build. While others, will still use existing stadium but with major or minor improvements and modernization projects currently at hand.

With all of these stadiums being built, it is impossible that FIFA World Cup 2014 tickets are already been sold today. Thousands of people will continue to join this worldwide event as soccer fans will move in to the city to pay support for their country.

There are 31 slots for the national team to compete. These slot allocations are shared with many participants depending on your bracket. Africa is given 4 or 5 slots of their best national teams in the 52 countries that have been screened. On the other hand Europe has 13 slots. According to FIFA rules, Brazil already qualifies, as the host country is already given a slot.

Each team will compete in an intense match with other countries leading to the world championship. If you are a true soccer fan and you don’t want to miss, we suggest that you already book your World Cup 2014 tickets in advance as it will be sold out during the event.

Tickets Sales Phases

FIFA have divided the process up into three phases, first phase comprising a lottery and a first-come-first-served basis sale. The Phase One lottery has already closed, with over 6 million tickets requested already.

The dates for the remaining phases are:

  • 5 November 2013 – 28 November 2013: Phase One first come first served
  • 6 December: World Cup finals draw
  • 8 December 2013 – 30 January 2014: Phase Two lottery
  • 26 February 2014 – 1 April 2014: Phase Two first come first served
  • 15 April 2014 – 13 July 2014: Last minute first come first served

FIFA World Cup 2014 is considered to be one of the most memorable soccer tournaments of all time and will start on the 12th of June until the 13th day of July 2014. Exactly 1 month of games will be played and by July, the finals will already be set. It is best to book your world cup 2014 final tickets in advance as during these months prices will surely have increase and tickets will already be sold out. However, early bookings are already underway, and this is a good time to save money if you are purchasing.

Almost everyone is excited but feel a bit nervous, as Brazilian’s know that the spotlight will be upon them, and reveal to the world their country, their games and the love of the sport.

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